Publishing is one of the lucrative online business so many people don’t know and even if you’re not a book writer, you can still earn stable income for life without stress.

Gone are the days where people spent several hours and days to compose a manuscript before publishing. Now some applications have been programmed to ease the stress and enable people like you compose and publish several books in a day with the right keywords that will sell.

Most importantly, the software lets you know the right niche to go for including monthly statistics for you to consider to avoid wasting time on books that won’t profit.

There are several platforms to publish e-books and earn but some are unique like Kindle Direct Publishing which is author friendly. KDP is a platform that welcomes writers all over the world and help expose their books to millions of readers worldwide but there are more secret here to earn stable monthly payment for life that so many publishers don’t know.

Here we have sophisticated free tools we will use to guide you and you are sure of stable passive income for life.

The application to use in this guide is completely free and without any investment. We will guide you on the following;


  • How to create a Publishing Account
  • How to create legit Virtual Account (USD, EUR & GBP if you don’t have one)
  • How to link these Accounts to receive payments


  • Special free tools to help you create new books even when you don’t have time to write
  • Powerful Free Keyword/Niche Research tools
  • How to use these software to create more e-books in a day for free
  • Interior formatting 


  • Free cover designing (Graphic and Designs)
  • Publishing your books and awaiting sure monthly payments
  • Free secrets to activate and earn stable monthly income for life

The full guide cost $99.99 but get it at $19.99 only

Payment is via Skrill and Transfer


For Bank Transfers, send email to for details

Please send a screenshot to after payment and you’ll receive your complete package immediately payment is confirmed.

For more information: Whatsapp: +2348185118154 or

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