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We educate/train people practically on iCT skills & making money from it.

Now we have many online and offline apps and bots and most of us don’t know how is used. We educate/train people on how to use them to solve problems and show how to make money from them.


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Certificate Programs

Obtain a certificate after completion to add to your resume (C.V) to boost your chances of getting job in any company. Complete any of the programs listed below; Graphics/ Designs and Photo Editing, Website/Blog Designs, Video Editing, MS Office (Word, Excel & PPT), ICT Basics etc. All the programs listed above are practically based. You can choose any of them at affordable rate and we’ll be committed to assist you to the end of the program.

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Forex Trading

Are you looking for the right strategy to profit in digital markets, or you want the right skills to start earning as a forex trader, you are at the right place. We will show you the secrets in profiting in the digital market.

To make it in forex as a Technical or Fundamental analyzer, you need these secret skills to succeed.

You need to know the right time to buy or sell and close, also the risk management strategies etc.

Business and Money

Monetize your skills and earn here. Is not enough having skills but knowing how to monetize them to help yourself and others while getting paid. What we offer; How to work as a Freelancer, earn monthly for life via ebook publications, How to create a Website/ Blog and Monetize, create a Youtube Channel and Monetize, How to drive thousands of traffic to your site and how to run free ads, Affiliate Marketing, Crypto (Digital currencies) etc.


"I'm a Student and I can testify that this platform is the best place to build digital skills from scratch to help in your academic while earning passive income." 
- Smith Michael 
"The trainings here has enabled me set-up my account to receive stable monthly payment. Big thanks" 
- Eric Ozioma
"This is one of the best place to learn and earn." - Joel Moffat
"I'm a mother currently working virtually from the skills I acquired here. Big thanks to Digitalkey." 
- Adams Grace
"This skills are so awesome that you can even still be paid without working for some months" 
- Juliet Ryan
"I thought this site was like others until I tried and I'm glad to be here and will learn more." 
- Felix Alfred

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